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Catalysis of capital and competition: glutinous rice hotel business into Ctrip – Sohu science and Technology Abstract: the promotion of capital strength and external competition catalyzed by Baidu Nuomi and Ctrip cooperation become a reality. The media reported the | November 15th training camp Zhao Shuping recently there is news that Baidu Nuomi has stopped self signed hotels and hotel business, to fully access Ctrip and go where the hotel business, rumors also said Baidu Nuomi internal staff broke the news of glutinous rice has been so since sign the hotel business to expand the market, and the hotel staff stop sign. Baidu Nuomi officials have responded to this, said the hotel has been suspended proprietary business, the hotel business will be linked to Ctrip and where to go. However, the hotel staff involved in rice proprietary business rumors and the original self hotel business operational arrangements, Baidu Nuomi official responded not. Baidu gene to promote cooperation with Ctrip Ctrip and Baidu Nuomi to cooperate, in fact, it is not surprising, because they are behind Baidu, can be regarded as a family. Ctrip and where to merge, Ctrip’s own equity has undergone great changes, Ctrip began holding where. In October last year, Ctrip also announced a deal with Baidu to replace equity, Baidu has about 25% of Ctrip’s total voting rights, Ctrip has about where to go the total voting rights. After a variety of initiatives, Baidu successfully became the largest shareholder Ctrip ctrip. Thus, since both sides have Baidu’s genes, the cooperation that is an easy thing, can reduce competition losses and win-win situation, both sides form a complementary relationship in the business of upstream and downstream resources. For Baidu Nuomi, Ctrip provides Royal Hotel inventory guarantee for Baidu Nuomi, especially in the high star hotel with glutinous rice is better than the competition of high star hotel coverage and higher price; on Ctrip, strengthen cooperation with Baidu, Baidu Nuomi and Baidu can get mobile phone, Baidu maps and other more traffic entrance. At the same time, the size and price of Baidu Nuomi from the hotel is indeed weaker than Ctrip, since the signing of the business does not dominate, Baidu Nuomi does not need to spend a lot of manpower to sign their own hotel competition. After Ctrip where to go with art dragon, has achieved sufficient advantage in the hotel, ticket, hotel and high-end low-end hotels have become Ctrip and where the battlefield. Some critics said that the growth point of online travel still depends on air tickets, hotels and vacation business, the pace of future integration will be more pleasant. With Ctrip Department tuniu get mature, HNA tourism group capital, with the way tourism obtained from the Tencent, Ctrip, Wanda Group Financial support. OTA veteran and novice will have greater competition, integration and resolution of the action will be more frequent, the short term is difficult to form a stable situation in the industry. The strength of the external catalytic capital of the United States mission to promote cooperation within the United States, the United States and other competitors are also outside the catalyst. In the same year, once the United States will come together with the delegation of wine brigade Ctrip news, although both have come out to deny, but the taste of each other’s war is still strong. Some critics said the two sides as the merger of chunqiangshezhan trading!相关的主题文章:

Double net income rose about the first day of the new car taxi

Net income rose to double the order about car taxi time and again after the activation of the first day of the new deal, the network about the new car in November 1st officially landing. The first day of the new deal, taxi, car drivers, express secure orders, another major platform response will actively cooperate with the floor of the new deal, the network about car market in a peaceful, once regarded as "a stone Melaleuca waves" scene did not appear. "Warm" situation, once the competition at a disadvantage the taxi become "xiangbobo": as the platform initiative to send a single, double income, the driver orders rose. Net about car platform jollier become the biggest winner on the first day of the new deal landing taxi. Actively cooperate with the legalization of the car around the historic moment finally arrived. November 1st, the network booking taxi service management Interim Measures, the official implementation of the network about the car this new way of travel since the rule of law into orbit. In this regard, the network about the vehicle platform have thrown olive branch, said it would actively cooperate with the new landing. Drip trip, said in the past three weeks around the network about the implementation details of the car during the consultation, the platform actively communicate with the authorities in charge of the report, combing the specific views. The future will further communication with the competent authorities at all levels of communication, and strive to make people travel satisfaction; Shenzhou car said that part of the city has issued draft rules for the network about the car, but the formal management approach has not been announced, to be around the rules after the announcement, the platform will be in accordance with the specific requirements do adjustment and improvement. At present, the Shenzhou car vehicle basically meets the requirements of vehicle around the network about cars; easy to say about the new car industry network has given legal status, but also put forward higher requirements on the industry. Always easy to actively promote compliance management according to the law, according to the new requirements are easy to actively carry out the qualification application and scientific optimization of the existing business, providing a more secure, convenient and high-quality travel service for users. Salted fish by network about the new car smooth pleasant atmosphere, the taxi driver to find a long lost sense of relief. Beijing Tianle Taxi Co. master Lin said that since the last half month, the taxi orders will double the growth, income also increased significantly. Prior to this, drops fast, people enjoy the best step subsidies, the worst taxi orders, hard day more than ten hours can only have more than 300 yuan revenue, the most recent period of revenue is basically maintained at around $1000. Xu three yuan Taxi Co. October 31st evening master of Beijing Daily reporter said that in November 1st, the net about the new car will be officially implemented, many consumers have begun to turn to a taxi, especially to the airport, the train station needs particularly large. Xu Master said: "this evening, orders are particularly large, are booked early tomorrow morning to the airport orders. I just run in less than 4 hours of time, there have been nearly 400 yuan in revenue, ahead of the vehicle is now ready to go home." Beijing Daily reporter Xu master taxi ride rough statistics found that during the ride, Xu master drops travel App has orders for every single call, broadcast time 10 seconds, 40 minutes trip, Xu master at least 240 received a single cab request, but missed a single master xu. surface相关的主题文章:

SF airlines cargo flight to Lanzhou Express import security in Northwest New Network – in aging avbox

SF airlines cargo flight to Lanzhou Express import security in northwest Beijing – aging new network in Lanzhou in September 12, (Yang Zhongping) on the 12 day at 13:30 in the afternoon, with the Gansu province airport group to introduce the 28 ton SF Airlines Boeing 757-200F cargo plane has landed at Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport, marking the Lanzhou SF Airlines Cargo scheduled cargo flights officially sailing, which opened its own SF EXPRESS new situation of air transport security of Northwest import express limitation. Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, the SF Airlines own full cargo flights smooth sailing at the Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport, Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport cargo again to enhance the capacity, improve the Lanzhou air cargo network layout, to build the Western express logistics distribution center to provide route support, will have a leading role for the development of the large province of airport economy, but also conducive to strengthening the East-West flow of goods and the economic and trade exchanges, further supporting the national "The Belt and Road vision. It is reported that, in recent years, the rapid development of relying on the SF group, SF Airlines has grown to the current domestic operations of the largest number of cargo freight airline, and in early 2016 the first vote of B767-300 heavy duty long haul widebody freighters, as of now, composed by B767, B757, SF Airlines B737 aircraft owned cargo fleet has reached 34, the 31 City area and navigation. Gansu province airport group introduction, in recent years, the group to seize the Gansu province to increase the Gansu aviation logistics investment and give special subsidies to air cargo, seize the construction of aviation logistics infrastructure significantly enhance the opportunity to follow up the aviation logistics development planning, increase open up all cargo routes efforts to comprehensively promote the airport economy business show "passenger wings" rapid increase trend. In June 8, 2016, Lanzhou – Dubai international cargo charter sailing. At the end of August, the group of cargo transport production index highs, the group completed cargo throughput of 37 thousand and 500 tons, an increase of 19.17%. Among them, the Lanzhou airport cargo throughput of 36 thousand tons, an increase of 20.4%. The logistics company completed a total cargo throughput of 22 thousand tons, an increase of 23.5%. In September 6th, China Postal Airlines launched its first cargo airlines in Lanzhou – Tianjin – Nanjing flights; in September 12th, SF Airlines opened in Urumqi – Lanzhou – Hangzhou Airlines flight. Gansu province airport group proposed, firmly relying on the development of Gansu’s economy, a good grasp of geographical advantages and rich aviation center resources, give full play to the "air speed" capacity advantage, accelerate the construction of a full range of air cargo logistics, with information technology support, the industry standard as the basis, to achieve the docking of supply and demand, resource allocation, resource complementarity the air logistics demand in Gansu Province Road, to promote modern logistics industry and the development of an open economy. (end)相关的主题文章:

First Shanghai Gome to buy rating x3210

Shanghai: first give Gome buy hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The first half of 16 year revenue growth of 11.4%, profits back to 82% in the first half of 2016, the United States recorded a sales revenue of 35 billion 300 million yuan (the same below), an increase of 11.4%; rapid growth mainly benefited from the acquisition of new stores and online business contribution (Ewell development acquisition was completed in March 31, 2016, the financial data of target stores have at the beginning of the second quarter of the United States and table).  , which, the primary market sales revenue grew 7.6%, sales revenue of the market in the same period grew by 24.9% in the year of. Consolidated gross profit margin fell 1.3 percentage points to 16.4%, mainly due to the impact of e-commerce platform (lower gross profit margin) and a substantial increase in the transformation of the primary market stores transformation. Due to the cost of the primary market store is relatively fixed, but in the transformation of the transition period, the impact of revenue; therefore, operating expenses increased by 0.78 percentage points to 16.29%. During the period, operating profit fell 96% to $28 million year on year, attributable to shareholders profit fell by $82% to $124 million, not to send dividends in the medium term.   same store growth of -9.9%, part of the store by the impact of the transformation and upgrading of stores, the same store growth of -9.9%; part of the impact of the transformation and upgrading of the store. In the first half of 2016, the United States to upgrade the transformation of 40+ stores. Transformation and upgrading of the general store will affect the sales performance of these stores for about 3 months, while the cost of renovation of each shop is about 300-800 million.   second half of the estimated 60-70 stores will be upgraded transformation.   although the store upgrade transformation will affect the performance of the group in short term, but after the upgrade, we believe that the competitiveness of these stores will be promoted. In addition, Target Corp’s stores in the second quarter also began to contribute to the group, we believe that the contribution of these newly acquired stores can also enhance the overall growth of the United states. During the period, about 1727 of the total number of stores (of which 541 are Target Corp stores). Total sales area of about 5 million 500 thousand square meters. Single season sales per square meter to 3057 yuan; single season average store sales of 9 million 700 thousand yuan. Online business delivery相关的主题文章:

Comments received 6% of the coke boom game staged a variety of games limit the courage of the chemic

Comments received: 6% of the coke boom staged the game of the game of the game of the hot chemical industry of the 3 varieties of thousands of shares of thousands of shares of stock to review the latest rating simulation trading client We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Sina Finance News October 31st news today, goods rose across the board, black lines continue soaring, soaring chemicals. Coke continued to play the game of the brave, soared more than 6% stand on the 1800 yuan mark, beginning in mid September, when you can not let go, lying to make money, the way from 1109.5 soared to 1816 or up to 63%, which brought 16 Lian Yang, guards the trend actually no callback, iron ore, coking coal rose more than 3% hot rolled, thread, rose more than 2%, coal rose more than 1%. Chemical, methanol, PP and PVC3 varieties limit, which PVC is a meteoric rise, eleven has almost no callback rate is as high as 20%. Colored eye-catching performance, the Shanghai main trading funds pulled nickel volume topped 84000 mark. Agricultural products, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, sugar weaker. As of the close, black rose 6.35%, coke, coking coal rose 3.44%, iron ore rose 3.29%, coil rose 2.98%, steel rose 2.16%, coal rose 1.42%. Methanol, PP, PVC3 varieties limit, or 5%, plastic rose by 2.97%. Shanghai aluminum rose 2.21%, Shanghai nickel rose by 2.14%, Shanghai zinc, cotton rose more than 1%. Soybean meal fell 1.76%, down 1.62%, sugar fell 1.05%. Qinhuangdao power coal price close to 700 yuan media said the NDRC next year long single price rise in the near future fierce Chinese coal prices continued to rise, the spot price of almost 700 yuan per ton. According to the Chinese Coal Transportation Association data, as of October 30th, Qinhuangdao port 5500 kcal steam coal sulfur liquidation prices rose to 660-670 yuan per ton, the highest level since July 2012. Meanwhile, port stocks rose to 4 million 255 thousand tons. As of October 26th, known as the "coal price leader said the Bohai thermal coal price index (BSPI) at 593 yuan per ton, the chain has been rising for 17 weeks, once again set a record year, an increase of 54%. 24 port specifications varieties rose across the board. In order to curb the irrational rise of coal prices, the national development and Reform Commission began the introduction of a series of measures to stabilize the price of coal from early September, but there was no significant effect. With the practice at the end of coal negotiations approaching, development and Reform Commission is the two meeting held last week in gas emergency meeting. According to the NDRC news in the 25 interface, meeting the requirements of the advanced productivity of mine has been approved by the release to production as soon as possible; do not want prices continue to rise, the price to stabilize in appropriate security for the release of production conditions; encourage coal enterprises signed a long-term contract with the user next year the amount of a price. 27 meeting to accelerate the research on the theory of coal相关的主题文章: